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Since 1995

To preserve, memorialize and communicate our community’s rich ethnic and cultural history

Our History

Roslyn, Ronald and Cle Elum are located in the northwestern part of Kittitas County (locally known as “the upper county), in Central Washington State.  It is a beautiful area on the east slopes  of the Cascades where settlers in the late 1800’s created towns that thrived on numerous coal mines, timber, the railroad and other pursuits.  Although the mines closed long ago, our club is a Washington non-profit corporation that, consistent with our Mission, Vision, and Values Statements, seeks to keep that rich and diverse heritage alive.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To preserve and maintain the Coal Miners’ Memorial and give voice to the proper and rightful protection and preservation of our historic cemeteries.  To preserve, memorialize and communicate our community’s rich ethnic and cultural history to citizens and visitors.  To employ cultural activities that honor and celebrate our community’s heritage.

Our Vision

To create an environment that grows membership by encouraging participation of members of the community and descendants of early immigrants.  To create cultural celebrations designed to honor the heritage of the various ethnic groups who came to this area in search of a better life for their families.

Our Values

The values we hold dear were instilled in us by our hard working ancestors.  Most left the security of their homeland and accepted the risks of crossing a vast ocean and continent to arrive at an uncertain future in their new community.  They took great pride in their new country and worked hard to learn its language and build a new life.  They endured hardships and sacrificed to insure our lives would be better than the one they left in the old country.  Most labored in the coal mines under the most primitive and dangerous of conditions.  They knew all too well that death was never far away in the cold harsh environment in which they lived and worked.  They found comfort, pride and companionship in their fraternal lodges where their heritage and culture were celebrated.  They revered their lodges for the security they provided and the community it cared for.  The sick were visited, the widows and orphans “looked in on” and their cemeteries were maintained.  The love and traditions our ancestors enjoyed have been passed along to us in the home, in the books they wrote and the music they loved.


Our Board & Officers

Maria Adams


Lynda Solter

Vice President



Jana Bland


Braven Bendzak

Board Member (Chair)

George Phillips

Board Member


Judy Plesha

Board Member



Kit Woods

Board Member


Toni Fields

Board Member



Cemetery Committee

Dick Watts

Cemetery Committee


Maria Adams

Cemetery Committee Vice Chair

Jeff Adams

Cemetery Committee

Beverly Prkacin Read

Cemetery Committee

Lorrie Sivich


Cemetery Committee


Lynda Solter

Cemetery Committee

Emily Gass


Cemetery Committee


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