Roslyn Ballpark Early 1900_s – 20″x13″



Nine unidentified boys, perhaps members of a Roslyn High School ball team with three men who may have been their coaches, stand in front of the Roslyn Ball Park that had been deeded to the city by the Northwestern Improvement Company (N.W.I.Co.) in the early 1900s. N.W.I.Co.’s generosity was conditional on the city not charging admission to events on their land, but the coal company made an exception to that ruling when the city passed a bond in 1923 to build a grandstand seating 1500 (Miner Echo, 16 Feb. 1923). The grandstand was sited on the northeast corner of the park (behind the boys), which dates the photo before 1923 (6 April 1923). In earlier years, spectators lined the fences to watch ball games in the park or climbed Town Hill above the park where they had a panoramic view of the field below. Central School, center right behind the ball field, was built in 1890 and to its left was the Primary Building built in 1900. The Roslyn High School, directly east of Central School, was finished in 1910. To the far upper left of the picture is the smoke stake of the Roslyn Brewing Company, established in 1893 by the Schlotfeldt Brothers, Adolph Kuhl and Ernest Duerrwacher, and managed by Carl Oppenlander. The owners were _were wide-awake aggressive citizens,_ reported the Cle Elum Echo, and ran _one of the most modern and complete [plants] in the state._ The stone structure occupied the south side of Utah Ave. between Second and Third Street and supplied much of the local beer in town until prohibition was enacted in 1916.