Ronald Branch Roslyn Bakery and Grocery 1909 – 20″x16″



The two unidentified men on the steps of the Ronald Branch of the Roslyn Bakery and Grocery may be owners, Ceasar Panieri and Frank Bugni. They opened the Roslyn Bakery and Grocery on Roslyn_s Second Street around 1906 and soon expanded the business to include a large flour storage warehouse in the rear as well as a stable and barn. Their bakery wagon made free deliveries in Roslyn and Cle Elum and later Ronald and Jonesville after they opened their Ronald branch in 1909. In 1910, Panieri sent for his family in Italy, and they settled into the living quarters above the bakery in Roslyn, along with Italian immigrants who worked for them. A delivery truck replaced the Roslyn Bakery and Grocery Wagon in the 1920s and Mary (Ozanich) Melos had fond memories riding in the back of Ceasar Panieri’s truck “every noon during the school week. We’d holler ‘Scissors! Scissors!’, said Mary, “as we rode down Montana Street to the bakery. We couldn’t pronounce his first name _CeSare_ so scissors were a close second (Fassero, Pete. _Days of School Yore._ Northern Kittitas County Tribune, Feb. 27, 1986).”