Number 4 Mine – 20″x15″



Photo is taken from the No. 4 shaft prior to the explosion in 1909. In the foreground is the smokestack for the No. 4 powerhouse. The view of 4th Street heading up the hill can be seen clearly as the trees haven_t grown tall enough yet to block the view. First street going North & South can also be seen. To the left of the smokestack are the Central and Primary school buildings that were torn down to build the grade school in the mid 1930s. The high tower was City Hall and the Fire Department. The very long wood building is the Knights of Pythias Hall that burned own in 1943. The YMCA building is where City Hall is today. The roof of the NWI Company Store is barely visible. The tracks to the bottom left are for coal cars going in and out of the mines. Domerie Peak is in the background.