Mine yard with miscellaneous equipment, circa early 1900s – 20″x14″



Eight men and three children stand in a mine yard that may have been part of the Northwestern Improvement Company complex on the east end of Roslyn. In the center background, a large cable drum spooled with wire rope was used to hoist coal mine cars in and out of the mines. Rope riders were named after the rope that lowered them underground, either sitting in empty coal cars or standing on the couplings in between. To the left of the cable drum sit two electric motors, the first with a small reduction gear that helped slow down rpms to power the slow rotation of the cable drum. A mid-sized reduction gear and large reduction gear are shown center and right of the photo. The larger of the two sits on top of mine props used underground and stacked on a _No Nonsense Sleigh_ produced by a turn of the century manufacturer that made sleighs for commercial and domestic use. The two large steel rods lying on the ground were threaded through pillow blocks (center left) to create an axle for hauling heavy equipment.