Historic Print on Metal – Logan Mine circa 1905 – 20″x11″



20″ x 11″ – printed on 1/8″ thick aluminum composite, rounded corners.

About this photo:

“The Logan Mine C. 1885 is the oldest photo in the Roslyn Museum so far. The photo is the Logan Mine Bunker. This photo predates the establishment of the N.W. I. Company in Roslyn by the Northern Pacific Railroad. The bunker is connected to Roslyn’s Number 1 Mine. The first coal from No. 1 to this bunker amounted to c. 800 tons. No 2 mine will connect to this bunker. This bunker served only the N.P. Railroad, and coal from it was not sold for commercial use. Eventually this bunker was moved to Cle Elum where it continued to serve the railroad.

The importance of this photo cannot be overstated, this Coal bunker provided fuel for the train. Just like a gas station provides fuel for a car, a train leaving Montana would require fuel by the time it arrived in Roslyn. The engine and coal car were separated from the train in Cle Elum and taken to Roslyn for fuel to cross the cascades, water was taken on in Cle Elum. ”

-Fred Krueger (local historian)

Historic Photos courtesy of the Roslyn Museum in partnership with the Roslyn Ronald Cle Elum Heritage Club Roslyn Cemetery Committee
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